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M R M is working on maximize resource value, while minimising – and even eliminating –
environmental impact so that both our economy and our environment can thrive. Our head office is located at Engapuzha , Kozhikode . We have Material Recovery Facility in all over Kerala with the total area of 100K sq.m. and running recycling units in Kerala and Tamilnadu . Early 2016 we started as My Nature Resource Management registered under the Indian Partnership act later we changed to MRM Eco Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Under Indian Company Act. MRM founded by four young environmentalists Mr. Abdul Vahid PH, Mr.Shahid MK, Mr.Sunil Vasudev and Mr. Nasirudheen PM. We started our first waste management division in Kozhikode and extended service all over India with the support of our talented staff.


Abdul Vahid PH

Chief Executive Officer


Chief Operation Officer

Sunil Vasudevan

Chief Finance Officer

Naseerudhin PM

Chief Technical Officer

Chief Executive Officer
Abdul Vahid PH

Our long-standing commitment to our communities includes working to protect and preserve our environment. Proper care of the environment is essential to the quality of life for present and future generations. It is also fundamental to our business. Our efforts start with scientific treatment of solid waste. It was able to change the atitude of the people towards waste. Plastic began to be considered a value-added material.It helped to move towards the goal of making the environment pollution free. We strive to minimize energy losses through the Energy Renewable project. We help to preserve natural resources. We encourage everyone to join us in our efforts and we welcome suggestions on additional ways we can work together to protect our environment. I am extremely proud to lead this innovative company and inspired by the passion of our employees to continue making valuable contributions on environmental, social, and governance matters. We look forward to sharing more details about our sustainability journey with you.

Chief OPERATION Officer

We strive to make a significant contribution to societies and the environment with scientific solution for waste treatment and renewable energy. The underlying values that have guided us in taking ownership of environmental, social, and governance matters remain the same . Valuing Our People. Employees are the foundation of our track record of success. Our entrepreneurial culture and diverse workforce have always been and will continue to be core strengths for Dover. Customer Engagement. By staying close to our customers, we have been successful in developing innovative products and solutions that contribute to their sustainability goals and initiatives, and we are committed to finding more opportunities for sustainability-driven innovation. Resource Management. Our focus on continuous improvement in our operations includes the effective management and use of environmental resources. We achieved our 2020 goals ahead of schedule and will continue to reduce plastic usage as we do our part to build a sustainable economy. MRM is mature yet progressive company with a balanced approach to our social and environmental commitments—one with management systems in place, a track record of environmental investment and processes, and a commitment to our people. Close partnerships among our employees, customers, suppliers, community partners and others have made it possible. In spite of trying times, our Commitments & Values have not changed. We are the same company with the same dedication, always working for a sustainable tomorrow. As we continue to build value, I’m optimistic about what the future holds.







First Floor MRM Tower Elokkara, Puduppadi (P.O) Kozhikode NH-766, Kerala, India

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